How to Burn Apple Music to CD?

Remove DRM from Apple Music and Burn Apple Music to CD

Need to burn Apple music to CD

How to Burn Apple Music to CD

Music is a huge asset to our lives, without music, life would not seem so colourful. The sound frequencies produced via music harmonize with the frequencies produced by our brains, relaxing it, hence, increasing our concentration power to a great extent. So, music was, is, and will always be one of the greatest psychological treatments mankind has ever innovated.

Imagine a scenario where you are in your car and want to listen to music, but you can’t. Apple users have faced this problem at least once or have come across the thought of burning Apple music to a CD, but that is not possible, Apple may let you listen to music offline, but that is limited to the device. You simply cannot play your favourite tracks on any other device which is not linked to Apple music. Apple’s music streaming service is DRM-protected, where DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This is the primary reason you cannot burn Apple music to a CD.

Why should you burn Apple music to CD? Ever wondered what will happen to your favourite playlist or downloaded tracks if anything might happen to your phone? Yes, genuine music lovers will understand the magnitude of the scenario.

The best Apple Music Converter

The best possible solution to this problem is the Apple Music Converter, you can now easily remove Digital Rights Management from iTunes MP4 songs, Apple music songs, MP4/MB4 Audiobooks, and Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks and convert them into MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, and MKA, preserving the original quality of the file.

Features of the Apple Music Converter:

  • - Remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs, Apple music, and Audiobooks.
  • - MP4 to MP3 converter.
  • - Preserve ID tags and metadata information to output MP3 and M4A.
  • - Remove DRM from iTunes 16 times faster.
  • - iTunes like interface that loads all your iTunes library automatically.

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How to Convert Apple Music to MP3

  1. First, you need to download, set-up, and run the Apple Music to MP3 Converter, the application will automatically load your iTunes library on the interface. Select the Apple Music you would like to burn to CD and convert to MP3 format.
  2. Convert Apple Music to MP3

  3. Select the MP3 as the output format. Every output format will have three profile settings provided by the Apple music to MP3 converter, these are: High, normal, and low, with different Bitrate, SampleRate, and channels. Now, simply click on ‘Options’ in the menu bar to customize the output MP3 filename and view the preferences (optional, only if you want to customize the filename or the format of the MP3 output).
  4. how to convert apple music to cd

  5. Do not use iTunes before the conversion is finished. After the conversion is done, just click on ‘Explore Save File’ to quickly locate the DRM-free MP3 file. You can transfer the MP3 output to any MP3 player as you like now.
  6. how to burn apple music to cd

How to Burn Converted Apple Music to CD with iTunes

  1. Open iTunes first.
  2. Burn Apple Music to CD

  3. Create a playlist and name it. To do this go to the ‘File’ section, click on ‘New’, then click on ‘Playlist’.
  4. How to Burn Apple Music to CD

  5. Select and add songs to the created playlist, simply drag and drop the songs you want on your burnt CD to the created playlist. While doing this, a small green circle like icon with a white plus on it.
  6. Burn Apple Music M4P to CD

  7. Insert a blank CD and wait for it to be recognized. Once your computer reads the disk, it will display a ‘disk’ sign on the desktop. The process may take slightly more than 30 minutes.
  8. Steps to Burn Apple Music to CD

  9. Now, select the ‘File’ (the playlist) and then select ‘Burn playlist to disk’.
  10. Guide to Burn Apple Music to CD

  11. Configure the settings and burn the playlist as you desire. Click on the ‘Burn’ option when you are ready to make the CD.
  12. Apple Music to CD Burner

  13. After clicking ‘Burn’, you will have to wait for your computer to finish burning the information to the disk.
  14. Burn Apple Music to CD with iTunes

  15. When the process is finished, you will be all ready to play the playlist you created from the disk.
  16. Burn Apple Music to CD via iTunes

The Apple Music Converter is one of the simplest yet powerful applications of all time. If you are an Apple user and have faced tough times without music because of DRM-protection, this is the perfect application for you to try. User-friendliness and performance are the two pillars the reputation of the Apple Music Converter stands on, give it a try and you will know why. How to burn Apple music to CD? The answer to this question will never complicate again.

Processes, applications, and the answers to how to burn Apple music to CD are listed above. Due to DRM-protection, music playlists on your Apple device will not work or get transferred to other devices, iTunes Converter is the solution to this problem. If you are facing this problem and thinking about how to deal with it, here’s your answer.

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