How to Convert Apple Music M4P to M4A?

Remove DRM from Apple Music and Convert M4P to M4A

Need to Convert Apple Music M4P to M4A

“Is there Apple music converter tool helps me make purchased Apple Music songs transform as free local songs? I want to enjoy Apple music on my iPhone 7 plus for free forever even canceling the subscription service.There are about 1000 songs in my iTunes library that are formatted .m4p. I need assistance in converting my M4p songs to M4a. What M4P to M4A Converter tool are available to accomplish this process?”

Nowadays, Apple music is considered to be a most popular online music streaming service and has taken up a place in music streaming service market, but it also brings inconvenience to play on other unauthorized devices because of DRM(digital rights management). Here we show a apple music M4P to M4A Converter which can remove DRM to solve this problem.

M4P vs M4A

Firstly, both M4P and M4A are used for Apple iTune Audio files that are encoded by AAC(Advanced audio coding), but M4P is DRM-protected, while M4A is DRM-free. And now music download from iTunes are protected by DRM since 2009, we need to remove this DRM so we can play on other unauthorized music devices. That is to say, you might need our M4P to M4A converter.

How to Convert Apple Music M4P to M4A

Apple Music Converter is a best M4P to M4A converter for you to convert M4P files to M4A, MP3, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, etc. During the conversion,it can remove DRM from iTunes/Apple Music files at super fast speed with zero loss quality. What’s more, the Apple Music Recorder also enables you convert iTunes audiobooks, Audible audiobooks and other iTunes purchased M4P music to DRM-free M4A for playing on iPhone, iPod and iPad freedom and convenience without time limitation.

With this Apple Music M4P to M4A converter, you can remove drm from Apple music, and convert convert apple music M4P to not noly M4A, but also MP3/AC3/AIFF/FLAC and other type unprotected audio file, so you can play apple music anywhere, anytime and any devices you prefered.

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Simply follow the steps to convert M4P to to DRM-free AAC (.m4a)

  1. Step 1: Download and install M4P to M4A converter
    Select and download the version fitted (win or mac). Then, choose target folder to save and install apple music M4P to M4A converter. Lastly, launch the M4P to M4A converter.
  2. Convert Apple Music M4P to M4A

  3. Step 2: Select M4P files and choose output format
    Import music files and select songs from playlist which you want to convert. Then,choose M4A as output format and name it as you like. According your requirement, you also can convert M4P to MP3/AC3/FLAC,etc.
  4. how to Convert Apple Music M4P to M4A

  5. Step 3: Convert apple music M4P to M4A
    Click the “Convert” button and start converting M4P to M4A. After convertion,the M4A music file will save in the folder set before.Copy it and you can play it on other devices anytime.
  6. Apple Music M4P to M4A Converter

To sum up, Apple Music M4P to M4A converter can help us convert M4P to M4A through removing DRM, so we can play music download from itunes on unauthorized devices anytime. Besides,it is easy to handle and many other choices of output format to meet your need.

Surely you will like it.

Download for Windows   Download for Mac