Best DRM Removal

Remove DRM Protection from Video and Audio Files

Why We Need DRM Removal Software

Why we need DRM Removal tool? If we purchased videos from iTunes Store and now want to play the purchases on a non-Apple device, or if we want our Apple Music subscriptions to be perserved on local hard disk permanently, we must be frustrated that the DRM hinders us. DRM copy protection is great as an anti-piracy technology, but it often punishes consumers that have legally purchased media. We can’t copy the stuff we buy or play it on anything other than the intended device. As we see it, that’s a problem.

So is it possible to have our DRM-protected video purchases & rentals played on any computers? Can I play my Apple Music files on any MP3 players? Fortunately, there are several DRM Removal Software for you. And Apple’s iTunes Match could also help us remove drm from iTunes music. Videos sold and rented through iTunes, Apple Music, as well as iOS Apps, however, were to continue using Apple's FairPlay DRM.

Here is a selection of the best DRM Removal software that removes DRM legally.

Best DRM Removal for DRM-protected Video

This DRM Removal tool would help you remove DRM from iTunes M4P songs, Apple Music and Audiobooks and output MP3, M4A, etc.

By far, the best DRM Removal to remove DRM from DRM-protected videos is with the iTunes Video Converter for Mac. It works on MacOS only, is regularly updated to work with the latest version of iTunes, and is lossless. As a professional iTunes M4V DRM removal software, iTunes Video Converter for Mac makes it extremely easy to get rid of iTunes DRM protection and play your iTunes rented or purchased movies, TV shows anywhere you want. iTunes Video Converter for Mac will help you:

1. Remove DRM from iTunes movies purchases and rentals.
2. Remove DRM from iTunes TV shows.
3. Remove DRM from paid music videos.
4. Break the 24/48-hour limitation on iTunes rental movies.

Best DRM Removal for DRM-protected Video

So if you need to watch these M4V videos on other devices freely, you are recommended using the DRM Removal tool- iTunes Video Converter to finish this. It converts iTunes DRM video from M4V to MP4 with ease and speed. After that, you can play your video anywhere you like without any hassle.

Download for Windows   Download for Mac

Best DRM Removal for DRM-protected Audio

This iTunes Video DRM Removal tool would help you remove DRM from iTunes rented/purchased movies and TV shows. Convert iTunes M4V video to MP4.

If you have downloaded DRM-protected music, such as Apple Music, then you have probably also discovered how annoyingly restrictive DRM technology is. Not only do you have the problem of working out what portable media players it will work on, but your freedom to use your downloads how you please is also crippled. This Apple Music Converter for Windows and Apple Music Converter for Mac will show you the easiest way to produce DRM-free music. So that you can easily strip iTunes DRM from iTunes M4P songs, Apple Music and audiobooks so that your purchased files can be played on any device you like!

Best DRM Removal for DRM-protected Audio

You will be able to remove DRM from iTunes music and convert iTunes music, Apple music from M4P to MP3 as well as remove DRM from iTunes video and extract audio from iTunes video M4V files. You can also keep the music files even if you cancel the subscription.

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Remove DRM from Audio using iTunes Match

Unless you prefer to burn all your DRM-laced audio files to a disc and re-import the entirety of your collection, we suggest you subscribe to Apple’s iTunes Match ($25 a year). Once subscribed, you’ll be able to store up to 25,000 songs in the cloud, which you can then access from all your devices. Moreover, opting for the service will allow you to download 256-kbps versions of any song in your library — whether you purchased it through iTunes or uploaded from a CD — all without DRM protection.

Want to play the DRM-locked video and audio files on non-specified media players? Now it’s workable. With the above DRM Removal tools, you can convert both DRM-ed and non-DRM video and music to all popular video/audio formats. You can now enjoy your purchased DRM media on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Archos, Android phones and tablets and a lot more portable devices.